This is the Homepage from Rust Server VIRUS-T

Here u can find Information about which plugin´s are installed

Start Protection
PVP Server
No Decay
More Scrap so easy and fast to learn anything
Quick Smelt
Quick Craft
Loot Table better
Quests -  You can do Quests and get rewards
PlayerRanks - Who's the best in everything? Show player statistics.
AutoDoors - Doors close after 5 secs and setable
Backpacks - Small, medium and, big backpacks
Clans - Team up with your friends
SharedDoors - Share your doors with teammates
SamSideAuth - SamSide´s which belong to the cupboard where u are authorised, won´t shoot u
Stack Size Controller - Carry and store more stuff
Furnace Splitter - Automatic splits rwa Mats and Wood into your furnance
ZLevelsRemastered - Level up to level 50.
Voting System with Rewards
Kits - Starter Kit, KIT S, KIT M and KIT L . The more u vote .. the better Kit u get
N Teleportation - Depends on which Status you have. More Votes .. more Homepoints  ..  more Ports per Day
SkipNight UI - Voteday!
NightLatern - Convenience. Have light in the night but no fuel cost for lanterns, tuna-, ceiling- lights
Bgrade - Automatic build up walls directly into Stone, Metal ...
R-RemoverTool - Remove stuff
Events - Some nice Events
Personal Message - To send other Players Messages that nobody other can´t read in Chat
Combat / Raid Block - When you´re in a fight or raiding, you can´t teleport away